Youth Camp – Igniting the moment

There’s always something special about youth camps in Heart Of God Church. That is none other than the Revival Night sessions after a day of fun and excitement. I vividly recalled the first revival night I attended. It was also the last time that we are going to have it at Serimbun scout camp with a real campfire. Dominic preached about surrendering one’s life and giving our best years to God. He shared about how he gave up sailing (He was so good at it that he could have joined the national team) to serve and give his best in church. He chose significance over success and God didn’t shortchange him. Dom sowed into the lives of many youths and many of them are now leaders in church sowing into the lives of the next generation… It was so so powerful…

This year, we had Revival Night in church. Pastor How preached about “Igniting the moment”. He said it is not milestones in life that will go into eternity; its the ignited moments. I was privileged to be serving on WT as a backup vocalist for Revival Night. As I was on stage, I saw many people tearing as they were touched by the presence of God. Many made the decision to rise up as leaders in His House and came up to the front to get prayed for. The feeling on stage was phenomenal. I was not only touched by His presence but also by the scene that I was seeing. You can catch a glimpse of it from the photo below. God spoke to me that night and encouraged me to keep doing what I am doing, keep loving people and loving life, and most importantly, keep loving Him and His presence. So thankful to be learning and growing under spiritual giants like Pastors… #Bestchurchever



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