Dreams do come to pass – Part 1

Everyone has their own dreams. Well, at least most people do. Before I stepped into church, I was a person without any dreams and visions. All I knew was that I must study hard and get into a university, subsequently graduate with a good degree, so that I can find a good job. Never would I have imagined that a few years down the road, I could be studying in a university course of my choice, and also live my best life at the same time, doing what I love, loving what I do.

Few years back, I stepped into Heart of God church for my second service. It was two weeks after the dreadful A levels ended and I was very free in life. Really very free. I was captivated by Praise and Worship at the beginning of service and so I sang along with the worship team on stage even though I wasn’t very familiar with the song. Subsequently, I attended service weekly because I felt that the people there were very genuine and friendly to hang out with. Trust me, they made me feel so welcomed that I felt like I was part of the family already. I shall write about them some other time. 🙂

One day as I was singing along during worship in service, I saw a vision of myself singing on stage leading thousands of people into worship. I couldn’t believe it. Yes, I’m a person who loves to sing a lot (mostly in my bathroom though). BUT to sing on stage to thousand of people is a WHOLE NEW DIFFERENT STORY! I brushed that thought aside, thinking that I must be imagining things. Haha I mean many of you, including my closest friends might not know that I was kicked out of choir when I was primary 2. I was totally crushed when my choir teacher said that I couldn’t sing and perhaps should join another CCA. 😦

So yeah, I shall stop writing here for now. (It’s like 3 am now zZZ) Stay tuned for Part 2!


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