A Life-changing Mission Trip…!

Have been really busy the past few months and its been a long while since my last post…! Recently, I went on a Disaster Relief trip to Myanmar with a few of my friends in church to provide relief aid to all the poor villagers who have lost their homes due to a severe flood and a cyclone that hit them. It was my first time going overseas to provide disaster relief and I must say that, it was really really a life changing trip for me. so… allow me to share more about it with you guys! (Pictures speak louder than words! :P)

Haha this is me trying to blacktape my boots.  Lol it gave way even before we flew off to Myanmar. :/


After a night in Yangon, we took a domestic plane to Kalaymyo, the affected area to begin our missions work!


Our lorry got stuck and we had to push it out of the mud that was softened by the floods.

Pushing the lorry

Over the few days, we travelled to 4 different villages to help close to 1000 families. Many of them were living in tents as their homes were destroyed by the floods.



Here comes the best parts of the trip!

So much fun and laughter playing with the children!


Praying for the children.. I could still remember the presence of God in that classroom…


Sharing about David and Goliath with the children! IMG_3720

Before the start of Praise! (in Burmese haha)


The smiles of the children 🙂


To me, it was a really special trip because I know in my heart that more than just relief goods, we brought the love of God to the people. They might never remember us or our names because relief aid organisations just come and go, but I’m very sure that they will remember the joy and laughter and the love of God that we brought to them through the games, praise and worship, sharing and the skit!

I remembered many times during the trip, the children dashed towards us, and grabbed our hands when they saw that we have sweets and goodies for them. Some even asked for more sweets or simply just snatched more sweets off our hands. Maybe to some, its just normal for children to be excited over sweets or that they are just greedy. But from my perspective, perhaps to them, every sweet represents a hope. That someone remembers them and bothered to fly all the way from Singapore just to love them with sweets…I mean what relief aid organisations do is just to send supplies to the villagers and take care of their physical needs. But that’s not our aim. We wanted to take care and meet their emotional, mental and even spiritual needs as well.

Now that I am back in Singapore, back to my daily routines in life, sometimes I still think of the villagers, especially the children. But I know that God is with them. Psalm 46:1 speaks so clearly about their situation. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” I know that God will be their refuge and their strength.

Recently, Pastor Tan Seow How also launched “Heart of God Church Missions 2016″ during service. This meant that there will be much more missions opportunities coming up very soon! WOOHOO! Pastor also shared that “The mark of a great church is not its seating capacity, but its sending capacity.” I’m just so thankful to be in a church with such a global and others-centred mindset.

All in all, through this trip, I guessed I have fully understood the bible verse “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. Also, I believe that its not going to be my last mission trip haha! So so excited for what is to come in the future!



Dreams do come to pass – Part 1

Everyone has their own dreams. Well, at least most people do. Before I stepped into church, I was a person without any dreams and visions. All I knew was that I must study hard and get into a university, subsequently graduate with a good degree, so that I can find a good job. Never would I have imagined that a few years down the road, I could be studying in a university course of my choice, and also live my best life at the same time, doing what I love, loving what I do.

Few years back, I stepped into Heart of God church for my second service. It was two weeks after the dreadful A levels ended and I was very free in life. Really very free. I was captivated by Praise and Worship at the beginning of service and so I sang along with the worship team on stage even though I wasn’t very familiar with the song. Subsequently, I attended service weekly because I felt that the people there were very genuine and friendly to hang out with. Trust me, they made me feel so welcomed that I felt like I was part of the family already. I shall write about them some other time. 🙂

One day as I was singing along during worship in service, I saw a vision of myself singing on stage leading thousands of people into worship. I couldn’t believe it. Yes, I’m a person who loves to sing a lot (mostly in my bathroom though). BUT to sing on stage to thousand of people is a WHOLE NEW DIFFERENT STORY! I brushed that thought aside, thinking that I must be imagining things. Haha I mean many of you, including my closest friends might not know that I was kicked out of choir when I was primary 2. I was totally crushed when my choir teacher said that I couldn’t sing and perhaps should join another CCA. 😦

So yeah, I shall stop writing here for now. (It’s like 3 am now zZZ) Stay tuned for Part 2!

Youth Camp – Igniting the moment

There’s always something special about youth camps in Heart Of God Church. That is none other than the Revival Night sessions after a day of fun and excitement. I vividly recalled the first revival night I attended. It was also the last time that we are going to have it at Serimbun scout camp with a real campfire. Dominic preached about surrendering one’s life and giving our best years to God. He shared about how he gave up sailing (He was so good at it that he could have joined the national team) to serve and give his best in church. He chose significance over success and God didn’t shortchange him. Dom sowed into the lives of many youths and many of them are now leaders in church sowing into the lives of the next generation… It was so so powerful…

This year, we had Revival Night in church. Pastor How preached about “Igniting the moment”. He said it is not milestones in life that will go into eternity; its the ignited moments. I was privileged to be serving on WT as a backup vocalist for Revival Night. As I was on stage, I saw many people tearing as they were touched by the presence of God. Many made the decision to rise up as leaders in His House and came up to the front to get prayed for. The feeling on stage was phenomenal. I was not only touched by His presence but also by the scene that I was seeing. You can catch a glimpse of it from the photo below. God spoke to me that night and encouraged me to keep doing what I am doing, keep loving people and loving life, and most importantly, keep loving Him and His presence. So thankful to be learning and growing under spiritual giants like Pastors… #Bestchurchever